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Misato – Accounting/Tax Associate

Misato is a tax accountant handling many aspects of our business.  Misato graduated from Sophia University in Tokyo with a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Economics. She also completed the accounting courses in University of Guam for her CPA qualification.

Misato’s work experience is unique. During her 15 year career with NHK (Japan’s Public Broadcasting Corporation) as a journalist, she covered news from politics to the economy, and later launched “NHK World”, the international news program broadcast in both Japanese and English, within the International Broadcasting Department in Tokyo HQ.

After moving to the United States, Misato worked for a private bank in Scottsdale to pursue her interest in finance and accounting.  Misato loves to interact with clients to help organize and improve their income tax and financial situations.  Misato understands small business as she and her husband, Robert, operate a pasta sauce business themselves (Rob’s Gourmet Pasta Sauce).  Misato’s passion is to bring joy and success to small business owners in the community.

Misato is a member of AAATP (Arizona Association of Accounting and Tax Professionals) and a contributing writer for Oasis magazine, an Arizona monthly Japanese magazine.

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