Client Portal Request


What is the Client Portal?


Client Portal is a secure file sharing online system that allows you to provide and receive your personal tax documents to/from your accountant.


Why should I use the Client Portal?


  • You can upload/download your tax documents to share with your accountants securely anytime and anywhere.


  • You can check and sign your tax documents when you are ready.




  • There is no charge for the regular use.


  • Normally, the contents/documents in your portal account will be deleted after filing of your tax return is completed; however, if you would like to keep the content/document in your account through the entire year, the service fee of $10/year will apply. The expiration date will be a year from your payment date. Please make a payment through Paypal or send us a check for $10 if you prefer this option.


Please fill out the following information and click "SEND".

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