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If you already have your Client Portal, login here by clicking the button below.

Request Client Portal

Please fill out the following information and click "Submit" to request your Client Portal.

What is the Client Portal?

Client Portal is a secure file sharing online system that allows you to provide and receive your personal tax documents to/from your accountant.


Why should I use the Client Portal?

  • You can upload/download your tax documents to share with your accountants securely anytime and anywhere.

  • You can check and sign your tax documents when you are ready.



  • There is no charge for the regular use.

  • Normally, the contents/documents in your portal account will be deleted after filing of your tax return is completed; however, if you would like to keep the content/document in your account through the entire year, the service fee of $30/year will apply. The expiration date will be a year from your payment date. Please make a payment through PayPal or send us a check for $30 if you prefer this option.

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