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Income Tax Preparation

We provide a wide range of Income Tax Services including:

  • 1040 Individual Income Tax Return

  • 1120S S-Corporation

  • 1120 C-Corporation

  • LLC (varies by state)

  • 990 Non-Profits

  • 1041 Trusts

  • 1065 Partnerships

  • International Income Tax Situation

  • Income Tax Planning

  • Retirement Planning

Basic Tax Preparation Fees

Federal 1040 with Arizona                                    $170 and up

+ Schedule A (Itemization)                                   $100 and up

+ Schedule C (Small Business)                            $200 and up

+ Schedule D (Capital Gain/Loss)                        $100 and up

+ Schedule E (Rental Property)                            $100 and up

+ FBAR (Foreign Accounts Reporting)                 $60 and up

Tax/Small Business/Accounting Consultation       $150/hour

Additional charges for other credits/deductions.

Make an appointment for details.

General Guidelines for Tax Return Deadlines


Tax Return deadline may change due to the current year situation. Please make sure to check our updates. 

Individual Tax Return

  • The deadline is April 15.

  • The extensions deadline is October 15.


Business Tax Return

  • The deadline is March 16.

  • The extensions deadline is September 15.


International Tax Filer

  • The deadline is June 15.


Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR)

  • The deadline is April 15.

  • The automatic extensions deadline is October 15.

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