Income Tax Preparation

We provide a wide range of Income Tax Services including:

  • 1040 Individual Income Tax Return

  • 1120S S-Corporation

  • 1120 C-Corporation

  • LLC (varies by state)

  • 990 Non-Profits

  • 1041 Trusts

  • 1065 Partnerships

  • International Income Tax Situation

  • Income Tax Planning

  • Retirement Planning

Basic Tax Preparation Fees

1040 with AZ                                              $170

+Sch A (itemization)                             $100 and up

+Sch C (small business)                           $200 and up

+Sch D (capital gain/loss)                         $100 and up

+Sch E (rental property)                            $100 and up

Consultation / Representation                   $100 / $200

***Additional charges for other credits / deductions. Make an appointment for details***



When and what do I need to file for tax return?


Individual Tax Return

  • The deadline is April 15, 2020

  • The extensions deadline is October 15, 2020


Business Tax Return

  • The deadline is March 16, 2020

  • The extensions deadline is September 15, 2020


International Tax Filer

  • The deadline is June 15, 2020


Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR)

  • The deadline is April 15, 2020


Please go to the link below for more details about the tax schedule for 2020.


[2020 Tax Calendars]


What is a Client Portal?


Client Portal is a secure file sharing online system that allows you to provide and receive your personal tax documents to/from your accountant. You can easily create an account by sending us a request here:


[Client Portal Request]



What is a Tax Organizer?

A tax organizer is a customized list based on your prior year tax return information. By using the previous year’s tax details, it becomes easier for you to figure out this year’s filing amounts and the necessary documents to gather for your accountant.


[Request Tax Organizer]


How can I get my tax information to the accountants early?


To make your tax return filing process speedy you may do any of the following:


  • Put your documents in the Client Portal       

      [Client Portal Request]


  • Upload it to Dropbox


  • FAX the documents at 480-646-3200



  • Drop them off at our office


What information should I gather to prepare my income tax return?


We have a checklist of documents that you should prepare for your tax return. Please click the link below for the tax return check list.


[Download 2020 Tax Checklist]


We provide tax return preparation services for both individual and small business customers. During the tax season, January through April, we recommend that you make an appointment a couple of weeks in advance.


Please ask us about the following special discount on your preparation service fees on your 1040 individual income tax return.


  • When you drop off all the tax documents one week before the appointment (available during the January and February months only).


  • When your tax return is complete and E-filed in just one office visit. (available through March only)