Small Business Consulting


Small Business Consulting

We offer small business setup, planning and advising services to help you achieve your business goals.




We utilize the QuickBooks to organize and keep track of your Company’s assets, liabilities, income and expenses with our monthly bookkeeping services. With our up-to-date profit and loss statement and accurate balance sheet, you will be prepared to file an accurate income tax return and to make important financial decisions.

Our online payroll service is conveniently offered through our website. Wage deductions and withholdings are automatically calculated and deposited. Employers can process their payroll instantly, view reports, and edit information. Employees can also view their detailed payroll information online.

Service FAQ


How can I help improve my business?

Here are some examples of basic and important things for the small business owners to be aware of.


  • Establish the system to check income and expenses and issue invoices.

  • Manage balance in the bank.

  • Establish the system to clear company expenses.

  • Establish the system for budget management.

  • Monthly, quarterly, and annual book closure.

  • Establish payroll system.

  • Registrations for the Board of Equalization, State Employment Department and City


We will consult your needs and do our best to support your small business.
If you are interested in using Quickbooks or our Payroll service, please feel free to call us.




How beneficial is it to use your Payroll system?


There are many benefits for both small business owners and employees.


Benefits for business owners


  • Provide you instant access to your payroll reports online.

  • Automatic calculations and deductions for each paycheck for W2 and 1099 employees.

  • Full-service federal, state and local payroll tax payment and filling.

  • Ability to adjust employee hours and pay rates each pay period.

  • Direct deposit or print manual checks.

  • Emails notifying employees they have been paid.

  • Save up to 30% compared to traditional payroll models.

  • Keep all your records integrated with support for QuickBooks, AccountingEdge and Peachtree accounting software. (Additional $2.99/per payroll)


Benefits for employees


  • Cut down on bank trips with free direct deposit. (Or receive printed checks if they would like.)

  • Emails notifying as they have been paid.

  • Secure online access to employees individual pay stubs and payroll history.

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